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In the year 3983, Earth as we know it became uninhabitable. The ruling powers of the time made the decision to abandon the world for settlements and colonies throughout the Domum Sector. After two thousand years, technological advances and concentrated efforts from several ruling parties in the Domum Sector, Earth was reclaimed and could once again support Terran life. In Celebration it was renamed Terra Prime, and became the home of the ruling force in the Sector.

Terra Prime 5983Edit

Through the joint efforts of five very power families the atmosphere and water on the plant now suitable for supporting life. Terran People could finally return to what they had long since considered home. Although their long campaign for reclaiming Terra Prime trumpeted the return of Terrans to Earth, it didn't take long for the corruption or the High Lords of Terra to become evident to Terran People.

Terra Prime was reclaimed by the five families that facilitated the Bio Chemical Restructuring and Reclaiming of the destroyed atmosphere on Terra Prime. Those five families were granted land, title, and ruling authority by the newly imposed government of Terra Prime, the High Lords of Terra.

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